Why I’m Running

For 30 years, I’ve made a living as a watchdog, first as a financial auditor in the private sector, then as an in-depth newspaper reporter, and now as a state auditor in Salem.

Serving as Multnomah County auditor would allow me to keep holding government accountable and improving the community I’ve lived in for 22 years.

Multnomah County serves the largest county population in Oregon, and it manages crucial services, including:

  • primary care, mental health, and dental clinics
  • county jails
  • elections and library services
  • property tax collections
  • an animal shelter
  • services for people who are homeless, the disabled, people with addictions, teen-agers in juvenile detention, senior citizens, and low-income women and children.


I would focus auditing resources on crucial issues – including jail services, contract management, and racial disparities in the justice system.

I’m also asking the public about their priorities, and will champion them. So far, county residents want to be sure housing affordability and homelessness, mental health services, and senior care oversight are effective, efficient, and equitable.

Our duty as auditors is to identify what is and isn’t working in government and find potential solutions. Independent, in-depth audits have the power to improve government services – and the lives of the people who depend on them.

My devotion to that duty, and my lifetime of experience as a watchdog, is why I believe I can help the audit office deliver. That’s why I’m running.