What I’ve Done

I’ve lived in Oregon for 22 years, raised a family here, and worked every day to improve the community and the government that serves it.

Financial auditor/PricewaterhouseCoopers/California
I audited clients when I was a Certified Public Accountant that included small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, ensuring their financial statements to the public were accurate and their financial condition was sound.

Reporter/California, Kentucky, Oregon, including 17 years at The Oregonian
I specialized in in-depth and investigative newspaper reporting, which won several awards, and covered Portland City Hall, Portland Public Schools, east Multnomah County schools, and K-12 education and natural resources and the environment on a state level. My stories:

  • Helped improve ESL education by identifying inadequate state oversight, weak instruction, and limited tracking of results
  • Identified corrupt contracting practices in Kentucky county government, low-quality, life-threatening service in ambulance districts, and favoritism by water board members in authorizing new service
  • Found police routinely excluded people from Portland’s drug-free zone without enough evidence to prosecute – far beyond the law’s original intent
  • Brought important issues to light, from problematic coal export proposals to inequities in Oregon’s property tax system to a lack of state action on agricultural water pollution
  • Exposed flaws in government services, including city water billing, development commission contracts, and county bridge construction contracting.


Performance auditor/Oregon Audits Division/Salem
As a senior performance auditor and certified internal auditor, I do independent work that holds government accountable, improves government services, and highlights issues that matter. Audits I have worked on have:

  • Improved the Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF) program by showing how far the program was falling short of its mission, helping to prompt reform, additional funding, and program upgrades
  • Helped the state improve collections of delinquent debt, including setting up central collection offices to coordinate efforts and follow best practices we identified in other states
  • Identified and recommended solutions to problems with issuing teacher licenses on time; quickly and fairly investigating accusations against teachers; adequately evaluating and disclosing the results of subsidies given to Oregon businesses; and monitoring and supporting alternative education programs that serve students most at risk of dropping out
  • Won the 2015 Excellence in Accountability Award from the National State Auditors Association for the TANF audit
  • Won a 2016 Impact Award from the National Legislative Program Evaluation Society for the state debt collection audit
  • Tested tax refunds for fraud, and followed up on fraud hotline complaints to ensure that agencies were spending money appropriately.


Family and Community

I live in Northeast Portland with my wife, Teresa, and our two daughters, Anna and Sara. I was active in their neighborhood schools, and remain active in our church. I’ve volunteered with Amigos de las Americas and Start Making a Reader Today (SMART), which provides one-on-one reading support to young kids.


  • University of California at Berkeley, bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting and finance.
  • Northwestern University, master’s degree in journalism.