My Videos

The emotional, technical, and political challenges of good auditing.


My skills and experience as a journalist make me a better auditor. A “baloney detector” is just one of them.


I want to be auditor so I can fulfill an important role to address the critical services of Multnomah County.


Independence is critical for good auditing. Being elected ensures an auditor can raise important but uncomfortable questions without fear of retaliation.


Performance auditing has similarities to journalism, but as an auditor I can get inside organizations and their records to identify problems and solutions.


I need your help to tell people about this important office, this important campaign, and my qualifications. Visit my website to make an online contribution. Thank you in advance.


My career path has focused on accountability, leading up to this important campaign for Multnomah County Auditor. I can bring a new expertise and perspective to the job of Multnomah County Auditor.


I know that many people think that auditing is boring. Performance auditing is different. Listen to the reasons this profession is interesting to me, and important to our community.