Get Involved

You can support my campaign in lots of ways, and I appreciate all of them:

  • Host a house party

I would welcome the chance to meet your family and friends and discuss my candidacy and priorities.

  • Take my audit survey

I am asking county residents for their audit priorities, from jails to the court system to libraries to housing and homeless services. Please take my survey to share your priorities.

  • Volunteer for the campaign

I could use your help getting the votes of your friends, neighbors, and associates, making calls, and raising money.

  • Share your support on social media

Sharing your support is the best campaign advertising. It’s free, and you have great credibility with your friends.

  • Donate to the campaign

Your contribution will help us reach voters. My campaign of volunteers are keeping expenses low, but we need donations to get the word out to thousands of voters in Oregon’s largest county. You can contribute online, or mail a check.


To get involved, email me at or call me at 503-320-1354.