“Learn’s passion for improving government, his dynamic nature and his long record of holding government accountable will mean he can keep up the pressure.”  April 2018

Learn “sharpened” the state auditor’s office. He is “most likely to turn over rocks at Multnomah County” and “identify problems before they appear on the public radar.”  April 2018

“A former Price Waterhouse accountant, Scott Learn has a forensic knowledge of budgets and has been called “the most highly qualified person,” to run for Multnomah County auditor. We agree and we endorse Scott Learn.”  April 2018

“Learn is best choice for county auditor. Auditors must follow the facts, even when those facts challenge assumptions. Scott Learn already has demonstrated an ability to do just that, both as an investigative reporter for The Oregonian and, for the past five years, as a well-respected state performance auditor.” September 2018

“Elect Scott Learn for auditor. As a former investigative reporter who had an auditing career both before and after his stint at the Oregonian newspaper, Learn impresses us as someone who will follow the evidence, wherever it might lead.” April 2018


Barbara Roberts, former Governor, former Secretary State:  “Scott will ask the hard questions about Multnomah County spending and services. He has my vote!”

Jewel Lansing, author, former Multnomah County Auditor and City of Portland Auditor:  “Scott Learn is the most highly-qualified person to ever seek the position of Multnomah County Auditor.”

Ronald Lansing, former long-time Lewis and Clark Law School Professor           

Mohammad Saeed Rahman, Chairman and CEO, Rubicon Global Group

Michael McKeel, family dentist, former Chair of the Gresham Barlow School District board

Anne Kelly Feeney, former Multnomah County Auditor and non-profit director:
“It takes brains, wisdom and courage to be the County Auditor. Scott Learn has all three, plus a commitment to the people the county serves, and to deliver accountability to them.“

Rich Rodgers, affordable housing developer and former policy advisor to Commissioner Erik Sten

Martha McMurry, retired nutrition manager, and Gregory A. Thomas, MD, pediatric hematologist-oncologist

Gary Blackmer, former Multnomah County Auditor, City of Portland Auditor, and Director of the Oregon Audits Division: “I have seen Scott tackle every audit with sharp thinking and tenacious energy, spotting new ways to improve services to the public. He is committed to accountability. You can see it in his life’s work.”

Beverly Stein, former Multnomah County Chair, legislator: “Multnomah County needs an auditor who can provide unbiased, fact-based information for county leaders and the community.  Scott has the experience to do just that.  I urge you to vote for Scott for auditor.”

Wendy Lawton, former Oregonian reporter.

Terri Lyon, public school teacher and intervention reading specialist; and Evan Van Horn, agricultural sales representative

Kimberly A.C. Wilson, communications director at Meyer Memorial Trust, former Oregonian reporter: 
“The Scott Learn I worked with as a journalist and the Scott Learn who served ably as a performance auditor for the state is the same Scott Learn I support as Multnomah County Auditor: honest, meticulous, tenacious and a watchdog for the public interest.”

Christine Dean, physician, and Howard Dean, retired teacher and social worker.

Michelle D. Wise, owner and principal designer at Chelan Creative Studio

Suzanne Flynn, former Multnomah County Auditor and Metro Auditor: 
“Scott’s depth of experience as a financial auditor, local newspaper reporter, and performance auditor for the State gives him the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead this office.”

Bobbie Regan, education advocate; former Portland Public Schools board member

Harris S. Matarazzo, attorney, educator, and former Portland Historic Landmarks Commissioner

Michelle Cole, director of content and research at Gallatin Public Affairs; former Oregonian reporter

Eric Mortenson, Pacific Northwest journalist: 
“My friend Scott Learn is a delightful blend of intelligence, honesty, diligence and decency – leavened with a sense of humor. I’m proud to endorse him.”

Sarah Carlin Ames, attorney, former Oregonian reporter and PPS communications director:
“As a reporter, Scott Learn was smart, persistent, fair and unsparing. Above all, he had integrity and truly cared about holding our public agencies accountable. That’s exactly what we need in our auditor.”

Susan Kelly, former campaign manager and city commissioner aide

Naomi Kaufman Price, community volunteer; retired journalist

Erin Hoover Barnett, former Oregonian reporter and PPS communications manager: 
Every so often in life, you get to know someone who makes you feel like you are in good hands. Scott Learn is one of those people. Scott’s true north is about integrity and the public good. He’s got the right skills, a tough skin and a good heart. I trust him, and he has my vote.”

Bill Graves, independent journalist and author

Michelle Brence, digital content strategist, former Oregonian editor: 
“I worked with Scott for years at The Oregonian and found him to be exceedingly smart, ethical and hardworking. He’s adept at untangling complexity and has a mind for detail. He also dedicates himself to doing every job right.”

Sam Stember, Head Start teacher

Stephanie Yao Long, Emmy award-winner and former Oregonian photojournalist

Chris Broderick, former Oregonian editor: “Scott has spent his professional career holding government accountable, first in journalism and now as an auditor in Salem tracking state government. What sets him apart is a unique skill set that combines an accounting and finance background with a journalist’s ability to cut through bureaucracy and obfuscation.”

Jamie Ralls, Audit Manager, Oregon Audits Division: 
“Scott’s experience covering Oregon issues helps him identify root problems, learn fast, work fast, and zero in on what matters to taxpayers and the public.  He does great work because he has a passion for helping government improve. And he is not intimidated by anyone.”

Shelli Romero, civil rights/community activist

Spencer Heinz, writer, long-time Oregon journalist

David Shaff, retired labor relations manager and Water Bureau administrator for the City of Portland

Courtney Wilton, former Energy Trust of Oregon CFO and administrator for Portland Public Schools and the David Douglas School District:
 “I believe Scott’s analytical and communication skills, combined with his interest in public policy and his political acumen, will make him a very effective Multnomah County auditor.”

Steve Beaven, writer, former reporter at The Oregonian

Jane Meininger, public school teacher

Joany Carlin, former Oregonian editor:
“Scott will be a great watchdog for taxpayer dollars and a stickler for accuracy, fairness and transparency – just like he was as a reporter.”

Lori Mendoza, former Oregonian reporter, and Tony Mendoza, transit planner

Shelley Lorenzen, community activist

Kathleen Glanville, retired Oregonian editor

Austin, former Oregonian reporter and communications director for Multnomah County: “I worked closely with Scott when we were journalists and he always had his eye on making things better for the community. His work ethic is matched only by his ability to always do what’s right.”

Mimi Bruce, appraisal management coordinator; and Michael Muhle, commercial HVAC project manager

Deborah Stein, Adjunct Portland State professor, retired C
ity of Portland principal planner: “Scott has earned a stellar reputation for integrity, rigor, and objectivity as investigative reporter and performance auditor. These qualities, combined with his lifelong commitment to social justice, are exactly what we need to be confident that Multnomah County’s programs and services are effectively and equitably delivered.”

Deborah and Chuck Grant, environmental geologist; local business owners.

John Killen, 41-year journalist, including 27 at The Oregonian

Romel Hernandez, education author, former journalist: “Scott is the exactly the sort of person we need in public office in Multnomah County—whip-smart, tenacious and honest. He possesses the experience and skills needed to be an outstanding county auditor, always ready to fight for what’s right.

Sandra Hilton, CPA, former audit manager for Oregon Audits Division: “Scott’s integrity, professional competency, and passion to serve the public interest run through his audit work.  He has the intelligence and tenacity to identify root issues within an agency or program and potential solutions.  His unwavering commitment to accountability in government is also truly commendable.”

Fred Leeson, author; former Oregonian reporter; board member, Bosco-Milligan Foundation/ Architectural Heritage Center:
“Scott always worked in the public interest as a journalist, and he proved himself as a valuable public auditor working for the State of Oregon.  If elected, I firmly believe he will take a rightful place among our most-respected local public officials.”

Jim Kelly, founder of Rejuvenation Inc.; cattle rancher.

Scott Farris, regulatory affairs manager; former communications director for Mayor Vera Katz

Kathi and Steve Bean, real estate professionals

Michael Arrieta-Walden, Public School teacher and former Oregonian editor: “Scott Learn is the ideal person to be Multnomah County Auditor. He has the utmost integrity, an impressive set of investigative and financial skills, and an undaunted drive to serve the public. Beyond those qualities, Scott has shown for decades that he is a devoted father, an active contributor to the community, and a person with a deep well of compassion.”

Gordon Oliver,
former Oregonian and Columbian reporter and editor; writer and writing coach: “Scott Learn was a tough, fair reporter when we worked together covering Portland City Hall. He always looked to data rather than political chatter to hold government accountable. That speaks well to the kind of skills he will bring to the County Auditor’s office.”

Benjamin Thomas, app developer

Gina Whitehill-Baziuk, retired Metro and Portland Community College communications manager

Gary Whitehill-Baziuk, Principal Broker, Re/Max Equity Group

Dee Lane, former Oregonian editor: “I worked with Scott for many years, beginning with his time as a reporter covering Portland City Hall. He is whip smart, meticulously accurate, tactfully persistent and absolutely ethical.”

Hank Stern, former Oregonian reporter and Willamette Week editor: “In my years working at City Hall with Scott, I learned firsthand he has the highest levels of integrity, intelligence, work ethic and good judgment. Multnomah County will gain an outstanding auditor who will ensure that taxpayers’ dollars are well spent and residents are well served.”

Naomi Kaufman Price, community volunteer, retired journalist

Emily Pollard, Public School teacher: 
“As an educator who cares about fairness and transparency, I trust Scott Learn to lead and audit with integrity. His commitment to our community, especially to students and vulnerable populations, is why I respect him; his ability to achieve tangible results is why he will have my vote.”

Ian Green, principal auditor, president of the Salem Chapter of The Institute of Internal Auditors: “Scott is one of the best auditors I have worked with. He always looks for ways to innovate and make our work more accessible to the public. His experience as a CPA, journalist, and performance auditor make him ideally suited to lead Multnomah County’s audit office.”

Tom Towslee, writer and former congressional aide

Larry Bingham, former Oregonian reporter and PPS social media/digital content manager
“I support Scott Learn because I worked alongside him at The Oregonian. He’s as trustworthy, authentic and transparent as they come.”

Quinton Smith, former metro editor at The Oregonian

Michelle Brence, former Oregonian journalist

Elliot Shuford, Metro auditor, and former auditor with the Oregon Audits Division: 
“Scott really energized the State Audits Division, bringing an experienced and critical, yet fresh perspective. His audits have real impact.”

Maureen Simmonds, community activist, and Dennis Simmonds, CFO for Pendleton Woolen Mills